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The Beginning of my Inspiration life.... Born in Ensenada BC Mexico. At the age of six in 1973, my childhood life started in the City of Lynwood. At the age of 13 years  I was inspired by music by one of my oldest brothers, I would set next to him and watch him play Vinyl records over and over and my mind would have a sense of creativity as I watch him blend records together on a pair of Technics 1200 on a Numark mixer. One evening after-school I came home and  walked into the garage and decided to turn on the Dj set up and took it upon myself to put the needle on the record and started to figure out how the mixer and turntables work and moved the pitch up and down and realize it was not an easy task. After an hour of playing with several Vinyl’s… and  I finally got 2 records to blend  …OMG! I was so excited and Amazed! and realize I have a ear & passion for music.  

  That summer I got a job at a local hardware store and saved all my money and purchase my 1st pair of Technics 1200 with a Numark mixer, and four Vinyl records.  I could not stop mixing  (4 records) back and four for an entire week. This was the beginning on my DJ Venture. To be continue.


Freddy Ortega

Vinyl Player
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